Trench Prep and Paving

Trench Preparation

When preparing trenches for utility excavation, the asphalt material milled can be either loaded directly into trucks and stockpiled for future use or left rolled in place. As it is excavated, millings can be used as graded backfill which eliminates the cost of saw-cutting and asphalt disposal.

Utility Trench Repair

Trenches can be milled and paved in one continual operation. This eliminates the need for saw-cutting, excavating and fine grading which helps to minimize multiple traffic safety setups.


With specialized trenching and milling machines available, Lorusso Corporation offers practical solutions to precut and prepare trenches for sewer, water, gas and electric utility installations. Machines are capable of cutting to a maximum 12" depth and minimum standard widths of 39" and 48". This method increases the time for pipe installation by eliminating the procedure of asphalt removal prior to trench excavation.