Soils & Organics

Soils & Organics

Over the past twenty-five years we have become proficient in recycling various types of organic materials into environmentally friendly, and nutrient rich compost. Each of our production facilities accept organic debris such as tree stumps, brush, grass clippings and leaves.  We also compost manure and bedding from many area horse farms.

As an added benefit to our customers, we operate and maintain a container service for the accumulation and disposal of such organic debris. We offer a wide range of container types so that you can choose the specific size that is best suited for your specific project.

It is our intention to assist our customers by providing them with quality products, as well as the value-added service of responsible organic disposal. If we have been successful in helping you than we have met our goals.

Please contact us, so we may provide you with blends of soils for you special needs.


We manufacture topsoil through a blend of natural loam, compost and sand.  Through this process our soils provide consistent organic content and gradation which promotes healthy lawns and plant growth. Please contact our Sales Department to see how our recycling operations can satisfy your requirements for organic topsoils. Screened Loam


By recycling organic materials into an environmentally friendly and nutrient rich compost, we eliminate the landfilling of over 100,000 yards of materials per year. These products can be used either as an admixture to amend soil, or as a groundcover dressing material for beds and wetland plantings. We can provide: 1/2" Compost 1" Compost Hemlock Blend Mulch (Call for availability) Pine Bark Mulch (Call for availability)